20 December 2006

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

... damenora was wittering madly in the last throes of the pre-Christmas hype.

If there is anything less fun than a Viking with a cold, I do not know it. And yes, that includes car wrecks and migraines.

If there is anything that makes me lose patience with Vikings faster than the way they are when they have colds, it is when they leave the bag of breakfast rolls open and then complain that the rolls have gone stale.

I have 1.5 mittens made for my nephew. I was not actually going to do any Christmas knitting, but when your sister tells you that your nephew needs mittens to match his green hat you made for him what else are you going to do? If I can get the remaining .5 mitten done by Monday, I will consider myself wildly successful.

Aforementioned sister is hosting the family Christmas this year. 'Bring dessert. Bring something Swedish,' she said. I must consult the oracles. And then probably my Swedish-English dictionary.

Speaking of consulting oracles, it is the considered determination of the wise women that the Beeton neckerchief is not as advertised -- the pattern given (which has been interpreted in at least 5 entirely reasonable ways) will not give anything that looks like the engraving. I will offer my own redaction when I've had a chance to knit enough of it to get a decent photo.

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