12 January 2007


I need someone to slap me and remind me that despite a darling name and adorably diminutive size, 'Blue Mouse Ears' hostas are in fact still hostas -- still overrated, slug-ridden, invasive hostas -- and I do not need to go pay $19.95 per plant for a dozen of them.

(Well, OK, Wayside will sell them to me for $14 a plant if I buy a dozen. Nevertheless, I don't need to buy any, much less a dozen).

Because I know I don't like hostas and I know they will only turn into slug chow, and yet I find this photo strangely, inexplicably, siren-like:

But surely there is someone who will relish an opportunity to smack me save me from myself.



    There are so many prettier plants that don't end up feeding slugs & deer. Don't be seduced by hostas; they're just slug bait. I have no place in my heart or my garden for them.

    How about bluebells? Some lovely Spanish bluebells? (Virginia bluebells are nice, too; but the Spanish ones are really cute, with their curly-petalled little flowers.) And do you have heuchera or heucherella or tiarella? Mine don't seem to be bothered by slugs or other pests, and I think their foliage is a lot more attractive than hostas, anyway.

    And there's some pretty foliage on some geranium varieties, too; have you seen 'Katherine Adele'? I've had good results from all of my gerainums except for 'Johnson's Blue,' although the speedwell I'd planted to replace that has survived quite nicely. The foliage forms a nice little feathery lump that deer find absolutely loathsome, and the slugs seem to agree with their assessment.

  2. Yes, yes, Karen I know about all those things, and have some of them (though the shade is so deep in some parts of my garden that geraniums will not make it). It's just that tiny mouse-ear like plants with blue foliage are adorable even if they are hostas.


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