08 January 2007


Somehow we made it over the hump and into the new year, with all the usual resolutions -- eat better, exercise more, be more organised at home, be more productive at work. Not much news there, is there?

I tried making a list of what needed to be done over the weekend and it quickly spiralled into a list of things which simply need to be done. So I made two lists, or rather a list and a table; the list for the weekend and the table for larger scale chores, broken down by household zone. The latter is now stuck to my refrigerator with the hope that I will be able to tackle at least one thing on it each week. (Stress management is also on the annual to-do list, so there will be no wild efforts to make the entire house perfect in a weekend). I am pleased to say that I made big progress with the 'reclaim the kitchen from chaos' and 'clear the dining room table' chores.

I also took these:
First fruits

and made this:
Meyer Lemon Marmelade

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