24 January 2007

IWK Spring Preview

The Interweave Knits spring preview is up. I remain annoyed at as a subscriber I often don't get the magazine until it's been on the newstands for a month.

As usual, there is a variety of the good, the bad, and the what on earth were you thinking?

Joan Mcgowan-Michael’s Swan Lake Cardigan is going on the to-knit list. (I love JMM. She is one of my knitting heroes, and she designs for those of us who are curvy, even amply curvy, without being ridiculous or condescending. Great big knitted valentines to White Lies Designs).

I rather like Mari Lynn Patrick's Ruffled Surplice too. I might like a couple of other things as well, but I can't see enough of them in the little thumbnails to tell for sure.

Dear Wenlan Chia, the shape and style of your Tea Rose Halter Top has much to recommend it, but I do not want to wear camisoles under my camisoles. Thank you.

That goes double for you, Katy Ryan. If I have to wear a t-shirt under your Eyelet Rib Bandeau, be assured I will skip knitting the bandeau and just wear the t-shirt.

(Actually, that's not wholly fair, as my figure type is such that bandeaus are in general a bad idea, and quite possibly Katy Ryan had nothing to do with the decision to put the bandeau over a t-shirt, but the effect of the two together is not precisely charming, even on the willowy figure of the model).

Staff projects: again, my figure type precludes me wearing sweet little knitted nothings as a brassiere. I prefer my nighties to be somewhat longer than the one shown. And as for knitted thongs, the less said the better, really.

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