29 January 2007

Feed me

For thems what like feeding (of the RSS or Atom varieties), I've updated mine.

I was mildly annoyed with the way the Atom feed provided by Blogger was working (lazily, I am using My Yahoo! to manage my feeds rather than subscribe to yet another blog service). Specifically I was annoyed with the way it sorted on the Yahoo! page and also the method by which it updated. Messy. Slow. Inconvenient.

I was also baffled, as the incomparable Sartorialist, who is also on Blogger, had such a nice feed. On time. Sorted well. Lovely. What was the difference?

Feedburner is the difference, it seems. New feed link over on the right, under 'Exhibitionism' -- if the Atom feed hasn't been making you happy, give the feedburner one a shot.

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