02 February 2007

Cats and yarn, Mongolian style

First, the obligatory weather whinge: surely I am not the only (adult) person to be disappointed that the winter weather event turned out to be less eventful than advertised. If there had been liberal leave today I'd be back in bed.

Over at Yarn Market (and probably other places, but Yarn Market has always been good to me, blah blah no affiliation, blah blah just a happy customer blah) there is now handspun camel yarn produced under the auspices of the Snow Leopard Trust. Actually, I see you can buy the yarn direct from the trust, too -- it's in the shop under 'Knitwear' -- but Yarn Market has more colours. Not that there is a wide range of colours and I like the natural and white best anyway, but for what it's worth.

Let me get this straight -- I can buy large skeins of handspun camel yarn, simultaneously supporting traditional culture in Mongolia AND helping save my favourite wild cat? That's worth the price of a skein even if the yarn isn't so great.

I am hoping the yarn is nice. I have an idea for a scarf.

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