01 February 2007

Blah blah

I'd feel worse about writing so little recently if other people were writing more. However, we all seem to be in the January-into-February slump, and I haven't had all that much exciting to write about anyway.

Knitting? yep. WoW? check. Trying to cook, clean, and otherwise maintain a semblance of order at home? of course. Working like a dog trying to make the world safe for agriculture? you know it.

In short, it's the same old same old around here.

Good news, though, in that the mitts I made for myself a while back are very good for helping me survive the frozen wastelands of the cubicle farm in which I work. Forget outside, baby, it is cold in this place. It's becoming clear that what I really need to do is make a another pair of mitts so I can have one to leave at the office. After I finish a couple other projects, of course.

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