23 March 2007

Now What?

Remember how Monday I said it remained to be seen if I really had enough yarn to finish the flower for the Girly Bag?

Well, I have seen:

Now what?

and there is not.

*deep sigh*

I am, of course, now cursing every tail left, every row which may have been unnecessary in the body of the bag. I am two rows and a short seam away from finishing -- even a yard of yarn would be enough to finish.

My options seem to be these:

- Buy another skein of yarn. Though buying a full skein of yarn in order to knit two decreasing rows of a flower seems a little much. I have contemplated buying the skein in another colour (pink, to go with the lining? the fabric for which, incidentally is that in the photo), or buying the black and adding more flowers, but I've dismissed those as too much.

- Unseam the sides of the bag and use the yarn from that to finish the flower. But then I'd have to come up with something else to do the seams.

- Give up on the flower altogether. But I like the flower.


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