04 April 2007

Not another egg(plant)

I have nothing against either Italian or Greek cooking. Nothing at all. But why is it that those are the only two 'ethnic' cuisines that anyone ever mentions when it comes to Easter menus? Do food writers think no one else celebrates Easter?

Seriously. What are they serving for Easter dinner in Vienna? Lima? Lalibela? Anyone know? Anyone at all? Could I see an article about Easter dinner that doesn't include ricotta?

OK, to be fair, Gourmet this month has 'Southern Easter' menu, though something about the article and recipes seems generic to me -- 'Southern Easter dinner' as imagined by someone acquainted but not really familiar with the South. And if you dig through Epicurious, there's a menu for a Russian Easter.

Yes, I'm doing Easter dinner again this year. I've got it all pretty much down to an art, but sometimes ... sometimes it would be nice to try something different. Or at least read about something different.

Because I bet they're eating good things come next Sunday in places like Barcelona and Budapest. I'd be curious to know what.

1 comment:

  1. So far the main specific food I see in the Netherlands is chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate bunnies and chickens (including an entire chocolate hen, half life-size).


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