22 May 2007


To respond to Dichroic's comment on my last post: I thought about a separate hat and scarf, and I have looked hard at Calorimetry. The problem with Calorimetry is that the finished product is, in shape and style, a lot like Coif, which I have already knit (and even blogged). I like Coif, it's a fine hat, keeps my ears warm and doesn't interfere with wearing my hair up (my default hairstyles are a schoolmarmish bun or a braid) and I'm sure Calorimetry would do the same. I just don't want to knit something too much like something I already have.

At least not right now. I've been known to change my mind. I suspect the Mauch Chunky needs marinate a bit longer in the Pondering Pool.

By an unutterably random series of web hits, I stumbled over Ravelry. While it remains to be seen if this will in fact be as awesome for string geeks as LibraryThing is for book monkeys (I applied for beta membership, but am not yet in) it does seem to have potential.

Speaking of LibraryThing, I have got to get back to entering books into my catalogue there. I stalled out partway through the living/dining room, so I'm really only about half catalogued. (Comments about me being only half there anyway are expected and will be ignored). The cookbooks and textile books are all (or mostly all in) but quite a bit of the history, literature, and myth/folklore stuff remains offline.

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