12 June 2007

busy busy busy

Oh yes, I do have a blog to write in, don't I?

Been busy. Been very busy.

Highlights (or possibly lowlights) include the death of the water heater and the adventure of replacing it. It turns out that the Sears contractor subcontracted without telling Sears, and furthermore did this to a subcontractor who has it in his head that he can't or doesn't pick up items from distribution centres. I didn't particularly want to take a day off work for plumbing, anyway, and I was really not happy about having to take off a second because contractors and subcontractors screwed up on Day 1. I will give Sears credit for doing their best to make things right (district manager called me at home to grovel and offer compensation) and we do have hot water again.

(On inspection, I think the old water heater may well have been original to the house, so no great wonder it gave way. Still, a sodden carpet and two days lost leave, not to mention a week without hot showers, was something I could have done without. And now we really do have to rip out that basement carpeting, which is going to suck.)

I could complain about work but won't.

I should be knitting more but haven't. I am working somewhat sporadically on Clementine; it's excellent take-it-with-you knitting but that means I have to remember to get it back out of the bag when I get home. That doesn't always happen. I'm close to done with the first half, though, in spite of myself.

I also should be doing more maintenance work in the garden but haven't. As a result it looks a bit jungly but I think, 5 years on, that it is actually starting to take shape. A couple of the mockoranges I got for the hedge on the driveway side didn't make it (and I am not so sure that one of the box is going to pull through, either, but it could surprise me) so I will have to do some replacing, and I need to move the sage so I can lay down the landscape fabric, but the walkway plan really does look like it will work out. The sweetbox on the shady side of the yard is doing extremely well. The oakleaf hydrangea I put in the first or second year we were here is becoming spectacular. Roses are all fine, but the irises will need dividing later on. The vegetable beds look well, but then they are raised beds which we have been topping off annually with shredded leaves, composted manure, and the occasion shovelful of wood ash from the Viking's smoker.

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