10 September 2007

Historical fictions

The Viking was seized with a whim to go to the Renaissance Festival this year, and so we went yesterday.

Per the Viking's whim, we got up and went early. He doesn't mind standing around waiting for the gates to open, but hates waiting in line for tickets. So we had plenty of time to view the "opening ceremonies," such as they were.

Now, I don't go to renaissance festivals expecting much accuracy, I really don't. They're craft shows in fantasy dress, with some occasional street theatre. However -- and perhaps it's only the moderating effects of time on memory, or a reflection of my own past innocence -- I seem to recall a time when the court intrigue parts of the Md. Ren. Fest. were at least moderately close to history. A bit oversimplified, yes, and obviously popularised, but not so much with the 'oh, he did not just say (or do) that.'

As in, 'oh, she did not just say her parents are packing her off to a convent after the dissolution of the monasteries.'

As in, 'oh, they did not just leave the king's affianced bride standing outside the gates of the town with no retinue.'

As in 'oh, he did not just say they're expecting a horde invasion on the shores of England.'

I am not making this up. One of the royal minions responded to objections to 'security measures' by protesting that a horde invasion was anticipated.

I was amused for the remainder of the day by the idea of the rampaging armies of the Khan pillaging the festival.

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  1. Of course it can get really entertaining when you ask Mary Queen of Scots why she's speaking with a Scottish accent.


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