29 October 2007

Red Queen, White Queen, Alice, and me

On the one hand, I got a lot done this weekend.

Laundry. Dishes. Meals cooked. Groceries bought. Comforters aired. A rosebush and dozen or so irises transplanted. Some Halloween decorations put into place. Lemon tree brought in from outside (bearing a respectable load of lemons for its size).

On the other ...

Featherbed not aired, nor sheets changed. Dishes done barely touch the chaos in the kitchen (the Viking was moved to start a batch of pumpkin beer this weekend, which meant that the chaos level in the kitchen was increased). Kitchen floor not mopped. There is a bowl of pumpkin guts next the sink that needs the seeds separated out and toasted.

There's also another pumpkin to be butchered and something close to a peck of apples to be dealt with. My plan for the apples is to make up pies and put them in the freezer. I have no plan for the pumpkin yet; it was leftover from the great brewing endeavour.

In short, it's taking all the running I can do just to stay in the same place, and I think I may not even be succeeding at that.

At least I look like a model of productivity at work -- the OGC cleared 10 things last week, and 5 of them were mine. Yay?

(Yes, I am aware of the topsy-turviness of being more bothered by the disarray in my kitchen than pleased by my professional successes. It's completely irrational, I know, but right now, I'd just really like a clean kitchen. Can I blame this on the fact that the Viking has been watching the scary you're-not-tidy-enough ladies on BBC America?)

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