08 November 2007

Is it still writer's block ...

... even if you don't have time to write about the things you can't think of to write about?

I got nothin'

Work has been crazy busy. I mean, seriously crazy busy.

I've also had a cold the last week, and I find it's hard to think (and write) with a head full of snot. Given the amount of crazy busy at work, most of my thinking/writing ability has been channeled into that, so I haven't had much to spare for bloggage.

When I'm short of ideas for things to write on, I can generally squeeze an entry out of something which has inspired outrage in my cold black heart. Lately, there have been enough of those things that I can't actually stay focused on one long enough to rant about it. I descend into gibbering, and that doesn't make for much of an entry either.

I haven't been knitting near enough, so not much to blog on there.

I did spend last Saturday turning apples into pies which are now stacked in my freezer. Then I spent Sunday being approximately useless (having expended all surplus energy the day before, making pies).

So, um. Nice weather we're having, huh?

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