31 December 2007

New Year's Eve again

... and how we made it this far without the house falling down around our ears I'll never know.

Well, in most general ways all is well. The family are mostly healthy. The car is running. The house has not burned down. These are all things to receive with gratitude.

The holiday season fluttered by in the usual storm of lussekatter and julkaka and exchanging of gifts. The Viking got me a KitchenAid stand mixer (one of the Artisan series ones, with the 5 quart bowl and the tilt head), which he gave me early so I could use it for the lussekatter, julkaka, etc. I got him the hunting rifle he really wanted (a Remington model 700).

He claims I have no idea how much better he feels having a gun in the house. I suspect he's correct.

Because people don't stop needing nursing just because it's Christmas (or New Year's) he's been working all the holidays and will be working tomorrow, so we aren't doing anything exciting tonight. I'll be making fondue (there are a million fondue recipes in the world, but I keep coming back to this one). We'll probably find something mindless to watch on TV.

I could mope about what I did and didn't get done this year and how I'd like next year to be different, but I honestly haven't had the time.

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