07 January 2008

Not saying Happy New Year to anyone else

I have to work a whole 5 days this week, and a whole 5 days next week too. Somewhere in my desk drawer I think I have a small packet of Strength and Good Humour but hell if I can find it.

Saturday the Viking and I went to the Rob Zombie/Ozzy Osbourne concert at the Verizon Center. The Viking had to struggle hard to keep from acting too much like a little kid before Christmas. Mostly he managed but he was very very excited about having those tickets.

He was, in general, not disappointed, either. We had very good seats (not that we sat) on the floor. Opening act In This Moment (wiki has links to their MySpace and whatever) was pretty good. Rob Zombie brought out the Werewolf Women of the SS and the robot and the dancing girls and all that thing (he does a great live act, but it is an experience and if you haven't had that experience, it's very hard to explain). And Ozzy?

Looked pretty good. Sounded just the same as he ever did. Was as raunchy and profane as anticipated. Sang pretty well all the songs people wanted to hear. Had, in fact, most of the crowd eating out of his hand. Assured us all that he "fucking love[s] you people."

I heard a few grumbles at the end, while we were leaving, but they were all pretty much in the sub-25 crowd and frankly I don't know what they were expecting, exactly. Black Sabbath c. 1975?

I can but shrug. I had a good time, anyway.

Update 8 January: Fact: The Washington Post, in its infinite wisdom, sent a reviewer to the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana show at Verizon Center last night, but did not review the Zombie/Osbourne concert. I am not sure if I should file that under "Signs of Cultural Doom" or not.

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