30 April 2008

Another flower basket bag

or reticule or whatever you want to call it.

This one is in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Like the ones in the MFA Boston that I've blogged before, this is dated 1830-1850 and, if I'm reading the Dutch correctly (which I may not be) it's of North Netherlandish or German make. Also like some of the examples in Boston, it's got metal rings or wire (iron, according to the museum website) to help hold the shape at the base and middle.


  1. Given that those flowers are made of beads (kralen) sewn on cotton, not knitted, I bet this one is much prettier in person.

    Can't say I remember seeing it; I've been to the Rijksmuseum a couple of times in the past year, but most of it is currently closed for renovation. They have just a few (large!) rooms with their greatest treasures open.

  2. I was under the impression that this was beaded knitting (i.e., beads strung on the cotton, in the pattern, laboriously, then knitted up) rather than beads sewn onto the knitting. That's how the bags in the MFA are done, anyway. This one doesn't have my favourite basket design, but I love the openwork diamonds that are above the flowers -- unfortunately they're hard to see in the photo, but if you blow it up, they are there.


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