06 May 2008

Sunday at the festival with sheep

We found some sheep to pat:

Excuse me

We watched sheep nap:


The Everlasting Bagstopper was finished in time:

Everlasting Bagstopper, again

And I bought a couple skeins of yarn to carry home in it:

What I bought at MDSW 2008

We went Sunday, because Saturday is always a mob scene and we do not like mob scenes. We did stop and wave at the people in the SCA tent (though certain Attack Laurels kept turning around and bustling somewhere before I could wave at them. harrumph).

I did not make it to the Ravelry meetup, because while Maman might have enjoyed it, the Viking would not. So we walked through the barns and ate pit lamb sandwiches and did all that other stuff instead.

Speaking of Ravelry, I have learned that my 14th-C style hood with lirripipe pattern has a (small) following over there. I'm even flagged as a designer in their database. Imagine my surprise. I don't feel exactly like a rock star (yet), but it's still pretty cool.

And that reminded me that the old Virtual Chateau website is still sitting there in a state of grand ... well not decay, exactly, but not-regularly-maintainedness. Mostly I just don't have time to take care of it. Life is too short to write all that html (and I wrote every scrap of html on that website, thankyouverymuch). There are some things, however, which probably should be kept in reasonably good repair (like the hood pattern, since so many people seem to like it).

So what I am doing is setting up a companion blog to this one, at Belfry Knits and moving the knitting patterns there. The hood pattern is there already; the "acorn cap" will go up soon (and needs better pictures). Other things (like the final version of the Memento Mori mittens pattern) will probably end up there as well. It'll be easier for me to maintain (errata, anyone?), and easier to add new stuff as I get it put together. It'll also be easier for people to keep up with, because I have burned a feed for it at Feedburner (love the Feedburner) so the truly interested can watch for updates.

I'm going to leave the old Chateau site up (for one thing, the Roughshooter's Companion is not well-suited to a blog format) and at some point I may even get ambitious and do an overhaul. The knitting patterns are just getting a second home.

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