27 May 2008

I love it when a plan comes together

I got everything I mentioned in my last post done this weekend.


I went to Black Temple Thursday night, and even got a new cloak for my priestlet. There was also the guild Karazhan run Friday (unfortunately marred by a smidgen of drama, but the dramamonger quit the guild, so that problem solved itself) and a nostalgic trip to Blackwing Lair, where Razorgore is still bugged -- the adds never stopped spawning, even after R was dead. We had to run out and wait about a minute before we could loot.

I went shopping after dropping the Viking at work on Friday morning; I did the grocery shopping and had time to go to the craft store and do some other shopping before picking him up again. Not that I bought very much (other than groceries) but I did get an assortment of yarns for some future projects. I very much want to knit More Than A Fish, and one of the WoW knitters on Ravelry has made a knitted troll based on her husband's character which got me thinking about knitting a night elf. So I picked up an assortment of acrylic yarns (mostly different shades of Caron Simply Soft) towards doing both those things.

Pottering in garden? Check. I was even caught up on all the things-to-be-planted until Maman showed up on my doorstep with some irises she'd picked up at a plant swap.

RSPoD was as much fun as I'd hoped. Some of the reviews have complained that the price of the game is too high for what you get, but if you prorate it out, it costs about $3 an hour. That's not a lot for entertainment.

As for the napping with cats -- oh yes. That wasn't hard.

Bonus achievement: I made big progress on knitting the hat which had been such puzzler (the one I mentioned a couple of posts ago). There was one small hitch related to the small fact that apparently I can't count but after a good brisk potter around the garden I came back and sorted it out. I am pretty happy with the way it's shaping up and will write the pattern properly when I get done with it.

After the hat's done, it's a toss-up as to whether I knit a murloc or a night elf, or pick up another hat about which I have been puzzling a bit (this time, one for me).

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