26 June 2008


Two posts in one week? What is the world coming to?

My system finally revolting against the schedule of the last several months, is what it's coming to.

I'm taking leave next week. No plans to go anywhere or do much of anything, but I am not going to work.

I've got knitting going, mostly on the doll that will be a 'portrait' of my main WoW character. I'm using the poetically named Rebecca Doll #12 pattern as my base. It's a very well-designed pattern but the englische √úbersetzung is sorta confusing in spots. I have the head and body done, and am working on the arms now. The challenges will be engineering the ears (night elves have dramatic, long, pointed ears) and eyebrows (also dramatically long, and really more like antennae).

Then I get to make her clothes. Fortunately the good people at GGH/Rebecca have also designed clothes for this doll and some of them will be adaptable to suit a night elf. But first, ears and eyebrows.

I am also ob. sess. ing overLiesl (green version), which, in addition to being perfectly adorable, is exactly the sort of thing I could use around the office, where the air conditioning keeps it colder than would be acceptable in the winter. When, of course, it isn't mysteriously and inexplicably not working.

(I am certain that the lack of air conditioning on Monday accelerated the system revolt which I have been experiencing since then).

The only problem with Liesl is that I don't have the perfect yarn for such a project. I know my small stash quite well, and I know I don't have anything that will quite suit. So now I have to determine, locate and purchase the perfect yarn and the only thing I have figured out so far is that I'm not in love with any of the colours in any of the aran/chunky weight yarns I have yet seen.

This is vexing. I'm not even sure what I'm looking for, only that what I've seen so far isn't it.


  1. Not to be discouraging, but what are you shaped like? I think the Liesl will only work on someone with a very pronounced hourglass shape. (The amount of weight would probably matter less than its distribution.) I'm on the small side, but any weight I put on goes straight to my stomach and my posture isn't always perfect. I am dead sure that if I wore that sweater, I'd be getting pregnancy enquiries from anyone not too polite to ask, and the rest would be wondering silently.

  2. Ah, see, that's the thing, I am hourglass-shaped. A largish hourglass, but definitely an hourglass. So Liesl will suit my figure fine.


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