07 July 2008

Please remain calm

Doubtless you other federal civil servants in my reading audience are acquainted with the wondrous thing that is HSPD-12 and all the ... ahem ... joy it is bringing to our kind.


I got my new credential card today. It looks a lot like the old one, albeit with a new bad photo and much less obvious logo-age identifying my agency and department.

(One could argue that the text obscures the logo or the logo obscures the text, but really, they negate each other).

But what is really funny, to my eyes, is the red band across the bottom, identifying me as an emergency response official. Technically, this is correct -- my agency is an emergency response agency, and all the employees can (potentially) be deployed to deal with emergency situations. We all have to take Incident Command System training so we are prepared for that contingency.

Having the label on my badge, though, makes it look like I'm authorised to respond to all kinds of emergencies. Bridges collapse? Planes falling out of the sky? I'm an emergency response official.

I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.

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