21 August 2008

Cognitive Meltdown

I think once-a-week postings are about the best I'm going to manage for a while. Pretty much all I have is directed toward trying to beat a deadline in mid-September. I am not sure it will actually be possible to do it -- the project is one I picked up from someone who left a couple months ago, and just yesterday I was asked to completely dismantle and restructure it. ('Everything we need is there, we just need it reorganised!' AUGH.)

So I don't really have many spare brain cells, for blogging or anything else. We are supposed to have some new people starting on staff in September, but that isn't go to do much for the waning days of the summer of our discontent.

My brain is in fact so far gone that I was completely unable to parse the title of today's Epicurious recipe of the day, which came off my rss feed as honey tree bark biscuits.

To be fair, the absence of punctuation really didn't help. The best I could do was a vague sort of wondering what a honey tree was and why you'd make biscuits with its bark (is it like cinnamon?).

Well, no. Click-through revealed 'Honey "Tree Bark" Biscuits' which made more sense. Biscuits (obviously in the British sense) made with honey, which resemble tree bark.

Saturday I have to take the car to get new tires. Is it weird that I'm almost looking forward to sitting in the waiting room at Mr Tire with some knitting?

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