08 August 2008

Oh heck, Illustrated

Had a few minutes when I got home so I busted out the camera.

First, here is the box:

My grandmother had a box

Inside the box was the green yarn, an assortment of knitting needles, and some typewritten Red Cross patterns from WWII (my grandfather was in the Coast Guard during the war; in yet another box we found some things she must have knit for him either from the Red Cross patterns or from a different collection of 'knitting for the troops' patterns. I know, I know, I should photograph):

There were no cookies left

Apparently I left one ball unwound, either because I misplaced it during the winding or because I was consciously thinking about taking before/after photos. You get to decide which:

Old School/New School

I yanked out my kitchen scale and it totals just about 275 grams (about 1/2 lb). Any suggestions as to what I could do with it?

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