08 December 2008

Back among the living

I don't often take sick leave. This partly because I'm generally healthy and partly because, being my father's daughter, I will drag myself to work even if I am feeling under the weather. This isn't to say I don't call in occasionally but I rarely take more than a day here and there.

Last week, however, I had a cold that knocked me on my arse. I am calling it a cold because it was just upper respiratory stuff without aches or any of that, but it did something which colds don't generally do to me, and that was make me very tired. I couldn't do much of anything for more than half an hour or so without needing to lie down and take a nap.

I did go to work on Wednesday last, mostly out of some misguided sense of duty. It rapidly became apparent that this was a blunder. I went home and cancelled the rest of the week.

Old business:

I made this butternut squash and creamed spinach gratin for a potluck at work and took home an empty casserole pan. Taking home an empty casserole is a sign you've won the potluck.

(I bought myself an OXO Good Grips Mandoline to make it and highly recommend it. Slicing butternut squash is not usually a fun task).

I also felt like I'd won Thanksgiving when (1) I was asked to make the gravy and then (2) the Avuncular One's wife (whom I should call my aunt, I guess) asked for seconds of said gravy. Since this lady is not much of a gastronome, and her primary concern is whether or not something is low fat, having her ask for more of my start-with-a-roux, full-fat turkey gravy really did feel like victory.

There is knitting, but it is for Christmas, so shhhhhhhh.

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