15 December 2008

So what, indeed

Bittman speaks truth: So Your Kitchen Is Tiny. So What?

But I am not giving back my mandoline and my stand mixer, and I still want new cabinets.

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  1. "A stove, a sink, a refrigerator, some pots and pans, a knife and some serving spoons". This may be true, but having been tested on European and Asian kitchens now, I prefer not to do without an oven and a freezer. (In our Dutch flat, we had no freezer and only a tiny combination microwave / convection oven / grill. And a glass cooktop that took forever to get not very hot. Now in Taiwan we have an American fridge with freezer, smaller than we had at home but not tiny, a three-burner gas stove and a small oven. Not as pretty as our Dutch kitchen, much more funtional.) Maybe if cooking were a higher priority for me I could do without the freezer, but I simply don't have time to shop as often as non-freezer life requires. And I suppose it's possible to bake or roast in a Dutch oven but I'd rather not.

    Right now I don't have a dish washer or a garbage disposal, and I miss those. (Oddly, I do have a dish *dryer*. The climate here is very humid.) Other than than, yeah, the rest is optional.


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