21 January 2009

Eleventh-Century Glamour

We interrupt our Emmanuel Memo Day celebrations to bring you the following mediaeval glamour don't:

Wrenna leather-laced cardigan

Well, OK, the cardi itself isn't terrible and on the right figure type would even be cute.

However, please consider the text which accompanies the photo on Interweave's website:

Named after a Tom Robbins character, this cardigan is reminiscent of Seattle’s skie [sic] with its thick yarn. Knit this cardigan from the top down and add leather lacings for a [sic] eleventh-century look.

(Nota: I copied and pasted the text directly; if IW's editors repair the errors, please know that they were there this morning. And are Seattle's skies notable for their thick yarn? I profess myself woefully ignorant of the ambient wooliness of the atmosphere in the Pacific Northwest).

Of course, images of eleventh century women are full of bulky cardis knitted top-down and embellished with leather lacing.


  1. Interweave has demonstrated repeatedly that their expertise with history is pretty much confined to the 19th and 20th centures. This is not, of course, an uninteresting pair of centuries to be writing about. But it would be nice if someone caught the occasional blooper like this (I've seen a few others) about earlier centuries. They don't seem to have anyone on staff who can.

  2. I was more amused/annoyed by the idea that if you close something by lacing it with a leather thong you've got 'authentic mediaeval styling.' Well, that and the idea of knitted pullovers/cardis/etc from the Middle Ages, the notion of which seems to hang entirely on the Buxtehude Madonna.


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