13 January 2009


I actually knocked out a one-weekend knitting project, but haven't had a chance to take pictures yet, and likely won't until next weekend.

I am still pondering the finished product, too. It's a hat, the finished hat looks like the pattern, the yarn is soft and lovely, and even though it's a variegated yarn the effect of the changing colours does not make me want to claw my eyes out. And yet I'm not sure if I'm happy with it. Part of it is that I have soft, fine, slippery northern European hair that does not like hats much; part of it is that I probably should have done an extra repeat and made the hat slightly bigger to help accomodate the quantity of hair I have; part of it is I've not yet found the knitted hat pattern that makes me squee with delight when I see myself wearing it.

I will give this hat a few days to settle before I decide it's not for me. I have also the doodlings of another hat that I think I will allow to grow up to be a real pattern. Even it that one turns out to be not for me either, it might turn out to be a hat for someone.

I have plans underway for my first big sewing project in a long time, too. But again, probably no pictures until this weekend. The project in question will be a winter coat. I spend a lot of time in my government-issue fleece jacket, which is warm and has plenty of pockets, but sometimes one wants something a little more formal, and I have a good coat pattern. I even have a nice piece of grey wool tweed. I also have four days off coming up (weekend plus MLK holiday plus Inauguration) so perhaps I can make some good progress working on a coat.

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