12 March 2009

Eleventh Century Glamour: In the Name of Fairness

Since I poked fun a couple months back at the copy on the Interweave Press web site associated with the Wrenna cardigan pattern in French Girl Knits, I think it is only fair that I point out that the appalling statements therein are not the fault of the book's author, Kristeen Griffin-Grimes.

I ordered the book -- in spite of the bad copy on the IW web site -- and the text associated with the pattern actually says, among other things:
Arrowhead motifs worked at an oversize gauge take on a primitive quality, reminding me of eleventh-century stone carvings in the rustic country chapels of France
And that, I can see. Conferre:

Also in the interests of fairness, I should also say that French Girl Knits is a lovely book full of really pretty designs, and while I will probably not knit Wrenna (wrong for my figure) there are several other designs in it I probably will knit.

Just try to ignore what IW put on the website about it.

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  1. I'm fairly annoyed at IK myself. I am knitting the Embossed Leaves pattern from the Favorite Socks book, fortunately on two circs so it's easy to try on. About an inch in, I grew suspicious and found, sure enough, that the tubular cast on they'd had me use would barely fit over my foot and wouldn't go far up my calf. Two possibilities, that I was doing it wrong or that they were, so I checked the comments to the pattern on Ravelry and found that several others had the same problem - and also found a link to the *different* tubular CO the designer had actually used, with a good tutorial, on her own website. I have no idea why IK made the change, but it was not a good change to make. The two COs are similar enough (except that one is stretchy and one .... isn't) that my guess is that it's a mistake.

    I left my own Ravelry comments explaining my experience both in another comment to the pattern and to my own project, just to pass the info along.


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