05 May 2009

Festive, if damp

As mentioned, Sunday was wet. It was not a cold rain, or a driving rain, but the sort of gentle steady rain that gardeners love, and being a gardener, I did love it accordingly.

Nevertheless, it made for a soggy sort of day at Sheep & Wool.

How wet was it?

The rain does keep away some of the summer soldiers, but what you make up in fewer people you lose in more umbrellas.

Umbrellas, I am sure, are of the devil.

They take up your hands, which would be better occupied doing something else, like holding a shopping bag or operating a camera. They have to be closed and reopened as you enter and exit tents and buildings. They drip on the floor. And they are indiscriminately wielded by people who are paying attention to everything but where their umbrellas have gone, like the large, multigenerational family that arrived at the same time Maman and I did. Every one of them was equipped with a golf umbrella, and every one of them managed to hit me in the back or side of the head with those umbrellas as they passed me.

No, I did not commit murder, though the desire to do so did flicker briefly in my black little heart.

We had fun in spite of the umbrella problem, however. We patted sheep, fondled yarn, and played pattern bingo. I wore my equinox scarf, which I had just finished casting off that morning

Close up ruffles

and Maman wore the Spring Beret I gave her, knit from yarn I'd bought at a past S&W.

Wishing it were Spring Beret

(If you click through to Flickr there is pattern and yarn info there. Both projects are also in my Ravelry notebook).

Of course, we also bought more yarn, and more patterns, but since it has not yet stopped raining I don't have pictures of those yet. If it dries out a bit this weekend I will see about giving a more complete report on the purchases.

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