07 May 2009

More than 140 words

Dear Twitter:

I am barely interesting enough to maintain this blog.

I am certainly not interesting enough produce several micro-posts each day, updating the world on my doings. I do not need you and your cultists reminding me of this fact.

What would I tweet about? What I had for breakfast? Whether or not I want to defenestrate a colleague? How many times a day dealing with public comment deflates my commitment to public service?

How pathetic is it that despite my unmitigated scorn for you, I know that the preferred verb for your use is 'tweet'?

Breakfast: 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/2 cup muesli, 1 banana, sliced. This is my breakfast pretty much every day. Now you know.

Today's defenestration forecast: Low.

Today's deflation index: High. I just read a comment which included the phrase 'elevated risks of illegality.' I love English. It is a beautiful, varied, maddening language. And then I have to deal with people who write things like that. AUGH.

Miscellaneous data points: It's still raining or threatening to rain. It's the birthday of the young woman who tends to housekeeping duties on the floor where I work. Thursday is farmer's market day. I am hoping there might be something other than lettuce to buy this week.

Sometimes it just takes more than 140 words to say what you need to say. Although for right now, Twitter, I think I can sum it up with two: Go away.

No love,

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