08 July 2009

Il faut cultiver notre jardin

There has been much hoopla about the vegetable garden at the White House, of course, and a smaller amount of hoopla about the vegetable garden planted at the USDA buildings downtown. There has been hardly any hoopla, however, about the plans to install similar gardens at other USDA facilities.

Last week, the vegetable 'garden' went in at my own workplace. Presumably the landlord was not willing to plow up lawn to plant beans, so our garden is 4 large concrete planters (the sort that are put up more as barricades with petunias than as any kind of decorative landscaping) containing some tomato and pepper plants, a couple of stalks of corn, and cucurbits of some kind (too soon yet to tell if they are zucchini or pumpkins or what). A coworker and I remarked upon them the other morning as we walked in from the parking lot. Neither of us are hopeful that they'll be producing enough vegetables to donate. She mentioned that she's uncomfortable with calling these plantings 'the people's gardens' because 'it just sounds ... you know ...'

Yes, comrade. I know.

My own vegetable patch is not doing anything very exciting yet, though the marigolds are blooming prettily and I should probably water tonight. We've had so much rain I haven't had to water much, but with the heat now finally starting to settle in the raised bed will dry out quickly. In a few more weeks, deities willing, I should have produce to talk about.

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