06 July 2009

The Score So Far

Murphy 3, Water Softener 0.

Despite giving me his sacred word of honour that he'd be there before noon on Friday to install the softener, the plumber did not do so. At 12:30 I called.

A random guy at the office informed me that today's call had been cancelled due to the need to order a part which would not arrive until Monday. Would I like to reschedule then?

Why no. No, I would not like to take another day off work to wait around for some idiot who apparently cannot visit the local Home Depot to get a part and cannot phone to tell me there is a problem.

You can probably imagine the tenor of the rest of that conversation and the subsequent one I had with Sears' customer service about their choice of contractor.

Round 4 is schedule for this Saturday. Bets?

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