02 July 2009

Never Easy

Out here in Cape Despair, we homeowners are on well systems rather than on muncipal water. There is occasional talk about getting the neighbourhood onto the public water system, but so far, this is only talk. Furthermore, the local water supply has an astonishing mineral content. Under these circumstances the widespread use of whole-house water softeners should not be surprising.

The softener that served my own dwelling has gone the way of all household appliances. This is no great surprise; it was not new when we bought the house. Dutifully therefore did I trudge to the appropriate retailer to arrange for the carcase of the old softener to be hauled away and a new one to be installed.

The installation was scheduled for last Saturday. Friday night, I got a call that some crucial element had not arrived when it was supposed to and they'd have to reschedule. Well, all right, these things happen, and while I wasn't thrilled to have to take a day's leave, at least I'd be able to do laundry without all the clothes turning rust-stain orange. Right?

Ha. Yesterday I sat at home waiting. Shortly before noon I got a call giving me a 'window' of between 1 and 4 pm for 'service.' At 4:15, another call, saying they were running late but would be there 'soon.'

The truck didn't pull into my driveway until 7 pm. This was followed by the man wandering about the basement hemming for 20 minutes, and then the announcement that the job was more complicated than he'd been led to believe (never mind that I'd explained the existence of a well and an aged, non-functional softener when I'd bought the new one), and he'd have to get parts, and we'd have to reschedule. Again.

Why thank you, I really wanted to spend 8 hours of leave on that.

The good news (if it is good news) is that they are working Friday, which I have off anyway, and at least an actual plumber has actually seen the lay of the land.

The day was not a total waste, anyway. The mint is going berserk just now, so I made a batch of Jalapeno Mint Jelly. I will probably make another batch soonish, but I am down to my last couple empty canning jars.

Jalapeno Mint Jelly

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