02 November 2009


Last week was not the best.

Most of it I was useless due to some sort of coughing-sneezing-feverish-won't someone put me out of my misery? ailment that was notable for how long the coughing part lasted after the rest was over. I'm still hacking intermittently.

Was it H1N1? Maybe. I didn't go to the doctor because while I felt like hell I was not actually sick enough to warrant it. Half the office seems to have had the same thing and those who did go to the doctor said that the practices are so overwhelmed that they aren't even doing the rapid-read tests anymore.

In short: 'Yeah, probably is, you're not in a risk group, go home and drink plenty of clear fluids.'

Ok then.

The agency was supposed to have vaccines for us (because we are emergency response officials) but even if the vaccine supplies increase, I suspect we'll all have had it before the shots get here.

In other news, it rained, making Halloween soggy. We got a few trick-or-treaters anyway but not as many as usual. I didn't cook anything amazing (barely cooked at all, really). The Viking carved pumpkins.


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