09 January 2010


Some years back, there was an editorial in Handwoven magazine that amounted, as I recall, to this:

Among weavers, you find people who love texture (lace) and people who love colour. Texture and colour are equally difficult to handle well. They are equally valid as modes of craftsmanship. As a hobby weaver, the important thing is to weave what pleases you. Your only obligation is to be yourself.

This advice could be delivered equally well to knitters, or indeed anyone. (No need to thank me).

Yesterday morning, we had an inch or two of snow, and I was out early with my camera. I don't love being cold, exactly, but I love how much of the sky I can see in the winter, how beautiful the sky is in winter, how the black branches of trees stand out against the twilight and snow.



One might reasonably conclude from this sort of thing that I'm a lace person. One would be right. I'm going through my Ravelry queue and getting rid of most of the cabled projects. They won't make me happy to knit them.

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