13 January 2010


I am all kinds of annoyed and frustrated right now.

Some of it is work-related and has to do with political appointees in the department, so I shan't get into that, other than to say that this is a hell of a way to run a railroad, and morale on my staff is sinking measurably every week, if not every day.

Some of it is WoW-related. Here's the short form: Don't roll need on mp5 gear if you're not a healer. Damage meters in random groups are for losers. And there are plenty of good guides to paladin tanking on the internet, so if you're going to try tanking as a paladin, go read some first. Turn on Righteous Fury, seal Vengeance (or Corruption if you're playing a -pfah!- blood elf), bless Sanctuary on yourself, and judge Wisdom. Also, stop using Exorcism in combat. It has a long cast time and you need to be generating threat, not standing there trying to cast a slow spell and hoping your damage-dealers don't climb to the top of the threat list. OK? OK.

Some of it is merely assorted petty things that are not much individually but add up to a headache.

So, I'm cranky. And I have 3 hours of training to sit through this afternoon. I suppose the bright side is that I'll be away from my desk and temporarily out of reach.

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