25 March 2010

very old are the brooks; and the rills that rise ...

Someone emailed me this morning with a question about the knitted hood pattern that required me to remember just what the heck I was thinking 15 years ago.


I did remember, or at least remembered enough to help her out, but ... well. Oof.

In an ideal universe, I'd knit the pattern again, with the space of those 15 years between me and it, and see what I could revise or clarify. But I have no use for another hood and too many other things I want to knit.

In other blast-from-the-past news, apparently, as a loyal Google accountholder, I can use Google Sites to create web pages. In theory, this means that I could gather up the stones of the old Virtual Chateau site and reconstruct at least part of it.

Would it be worthwhile to do that? I mean, would anyone care if it went back up? Was it useful in any way to the wider world? I don't want to go to the bother of rewriting code or revising content if there's no real value in it.

If I were to reconstruct said mouldering pile, which parts would you want to see go back up? I will admit to having done some noodling around with revising parts of the Roughshooter's Companion, but much to my irritation I cannot find any of the notes/bibliography/et cetera I accumulated on nets/snares/ferrets so I'm stalled until I can either locate that particular bundle of paper or remember what I was thinking about 5 years ago.

Anyway, if you remember the old chateau, and have an opinion about setting it back up, leave a comment or drop me an email [noramunro (at) gmail (dot) com]. I saved all the old graphics and html before AOL shut down its web hosting, so it's mainly a question of deciding what to restore first and updating the code.

Walter De La Mare

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  1. I remember your content was pretty popular on the Atlantian MoAS links site (it has a way to check how many people have clicked on a particular link) ... :)


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