22 November 2011

pound the hollow vastness of the sky

Google has taken a lot of flak lately, much of it deserved, for decisions made about Google Plus, changes to Google Reader, and the slow creeping death of privacy.

All of which irritates me in ways large and small but most of it has not affected my bloglife very much. Not yet, at any rate, a state of affairs that I hope will continue as I am really not interested in trying to move to another platform at this time.

One way in which the changes to Google Reader have affected my blogging is the removal of the 'Share in Reader' button, which has caused also the end of the widget that ran my 'Friends don't let friends read bad content' feature in the sidebar.

Not perhaps a huge loss in the great scheme of things, but an irritation. My options for replacing that widget are to revert to blogrolls (which I do not want to do, for the same reasons I ditched them for the shared feed from Reader in the first place), or (gulp) take up Twitter.

Twitter makes me feel less like a little songbird and more like a common loon, but it seems the better solution. Reader does have (for now at least) an easy way to tweet things and a widget that seems to work. I'll give it a try, anyway. If I sound more like this fellow than the bluebird of happiness, well, I guess that's just how I squawk.

Far from home

William Carlos Williams

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