25 April 2012

I eat asparagus with my fingers

It's that happy time of year known as asparagus season.

There are something like 35 million asparagus recipes on the web (I asked Google), and I have been either too busy or too tired to add to them, but here are three selected from the mass that we've been enjoying at Belfry HQ:

  • Shaved Asparagus Salad by Jill Santopietro at Chow. Far less fussy than it first appears and the vinaigrette really is marvelous, though you might want to cut the cheese back a bit.
  • Avocado Asparagus Tartine by Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks. I added the barest sprinkling of grated Gruy√®re. The Viking added another slice of bread and called them sandwiches.
  • Asparagus Lasagne by Nigel Slater in The Guardian. I made this last Sunday, during a raw spring rain. Warm and comforting and seasonal all at once. I layered a paper-thin slice of prosciutto on each lasagne noodle before wrapping the bundles of asparagus as a consolation to the Viking, but the recipe is quite fine without it.
Margaret Atwood

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