26 August 2013

What is it that reminds us of white gods?

Over there in my sidebar, if you look closely, you will find a link to a blog with the delightfully odd name 'Medlar Comfits.'

Medlar Comfits is the property of one Anna Tambour, a delightful person who writes delightful, and uniquely odd, fiction. If you have not made her acquaintance, I am pleased to introduce you.

Anna's novel Crandolin

is on a very short list of finalists for the World Fantasy Awards, and I am so pleased, both for Anna, who is really a lovely person, and for Crandolin, which is really good, that I could about bust a seam.

It happens that I am in possession of an extra copy of Crandolin and I would like to put it into the hands of some person who has not read it yet. If you would like to receive this book, follow the directions in the widget below. I will select a winner at random.

I also encourage you to check out some of the other nominees. I plan to!

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D.H. Lawrence


  1. This sounds somewhat reminiscent of Douglas Adams. True?

  2. I'm reading Crandolin right now and loving it. I wouldn't liken it to Douglas Adams; it's satiric, and it's fantasy, but it's also rich and experimental. And it makes me wonder why so few books in any genre focus on humanity's obsession with food...


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