28 July 2014

so still, so close to moving

I wasn't happy with the first collage I made, so I did it over. Here's week one of the Tour de Fleece:

My stated goal for the Tour was to spin every day, except the rest days, and I managed to do that. My primary project was the braid of Black Welsh Mountain fleece that I posted about earlier. I did work on a couple of other things, as well, which I will tell you about when we get to them. Week 1 was all about the baabaa black sheep.

Tour de Fleece Week 1

This is not perhaps the most stunning progress, but I am trying to give myself permission to be a novice. This particular fleece has a shorter staple than the other fleeces I've spun so far, so it needs more twist to make it into a yarn (and if I lose the tension, it falls apart). I am anticipating I'll get a double-knitting to light worsted weight when it's finished and plied.

Don't ask what I plan to make with it -- I won't know how much I have until it's done, and, as a wise spinner has told me, right now I'm making myself into a spinner, not making yarn for a particular use.

Oni Buchanan

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