30 July 2014

make a wardrobe with tufts of wool

Tour de Fleece Week 2!

(please, contain your enthusiasm)

Tour de Fleece Week 2

I still worked mostly on the Black Welsh Mountain fleece, but as this week had both the first rest day and the challenge day, I introduced some other things. On the rest day, I set about finishing a cardigan I've been working on since March:


Pattern: Liesl
Yarn: Gedifra Satata in Ecru
7 mm needles
vintage shell buttons

I am hugely pleased with this cardi. It fits beautifully. The neckline in particular is perfect.

The challenge day for the men on bicycles involved an Alpine stage; for me, it involved a new spindle and a new fleece:


The spindle is a Tibetan-style spindle, with a curly maple shaft and a purpleheart whorl. The fleece is merino in a colourway called 'Sour Figs.' I promise, I did not deliberately match the purples.

Tibetan spindles are used supported, rather than suspended, so they require some different skills than my Turkish spindle. The fleece behaves differently from others I've spun, because all fleeces are different. To be honest I find merino a bit boring, but you have to admit it's very soft.

This is getting long, so I'll tell you about the red and gold yarn in the next post.

Julie Suk

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